'Improved online public access to environmental monitoring data and data tools for the Black Sea Basin supporting cooperation in the reduction of marine litter' — MARLITER

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Black Sea Action Day 2020

Black Sea NGO Network would like to thank all photographers who supported the appeal to contribute with pictures and videos of the Black Sea to the MARLITER project on the Facebook. The ten-day facebook activity ‘Black Sea Action Day online - Volunteers taking pictures of the sea’ revealed new talents and supporters to the big idea of a clean coast and a living sea. We say thank you to Valentina Nikolova, Maria Mutafchieva. Tatiana Baikushevya, Plamen Vukadinov, Georgi Donchev, Antoaneta Grozeva, Albena Ibrishimova, Maria Ilcheva, Polina Topalova, Ivelina Georgieva, Zheni Kostadinova, Kirill Kostadinov, Sonya Kehlibareva.

Black Sea Action Day online

Port Varna

The BSNN MARLITER team has involved education and NGO experts and volunteers in communication and information dissemination activities to mark International Black Sea Day 31 October. The team has contacted teachers, NGO activists and ecological club leaders with an offer of dissemination of information materials about marine litter. The team has also started a photographic series of the sea and the coast produced by volunteers. Some of them are shared at the project social media profile.

Support to e-learning

The BSNN team seeks synergies between MARLITER and the LitOUTer project “Raising Public Awareness and Reducing Marine Litter for Protection of the Black Sea Ecosystem”, BSB second call. The stakeholders identified for participation in the ‘Training for trainers’ event have been involved in the dissemination of a questionnaire for assessing knowledge and personal attitudes of schoolchildren 5 – 8 grade on marine litter issues. The questionnaire is part of LitOUTer and will support e-learning courses, training and knowledge-based activities of MARLITER.

Part of CleanAtlantic database

Clean Atlantic

MARLITER has been included in the database of CleanAtlantic project (Tackling marine litter in the Atlantic Area). It is compiling knowledge on organisations, projects and resources dealing with marine litter in Europe. Its online Knowledge Tool to be launched by December 2020 will make the MARLITER project and the results of the partner teams work visible and accessible throughout the EU.

Green Week Online Fest

Green Week

Mare Nostrum NGO held a Green Week Online Fest during 1–7 June 2020 to mark World Environment Day. The festival was dedicated to marine and terrestrial biodiversity in the Romanian coastal area. It included seven days of training, live sessions, eco challenges and prize competitions. Participants discovered various aspects of marine life, flora and fauna of protected areas in Dobrogea. They became aware of the pressures exerted on the natural world and learned how to get involved in more responsible actions towards the environment in their daily life.

Marine LitterWatch Month

The Marine LitterWatch Month, September — October 2019, is an initiative carried out by EEA Marine LitterWatch Programme in close collaboration with Aarhus University, Roskilde University, Black Sea NGO Network, Keep Sweden Tidy, Swiss Litter, HELMEPA, Legambiente, Marine Conservation Society, Mare Nostrum, MARNOBA, MIO-ECSDE, Plastic Change, Portuguese Association of Marine Litter, EMBLAS+ and Surfrider Foundation Europe.

All of them are registered as Communities in the database of Marine LitterWatch (MLW). The participants have collected more than 1 million beach litter items in 2340 beach surveys and registered them to MLW database during 6 years. Around 80% of these items are plastics. Top 5 items are cigarette butts, plastic pieces, plastic cups/lids drinks, polystyrene pieces and glass or ceramic fragments.

The measure can be described as very successful in terms of the EU regional seas. It needs promotion in the Black Sea neighbourhood countries. Marine LitterWatch provides input for the MARLITER project focused on the use of data and data tools for the improvement of environmental monitoring in the Black Sea Basin.

Over 1000 participants run for a cleaner Black Sea in Constanta on 27 October 2019

Press release, 25.10.2019, (PDF, 130 KB)

Marine litter, a constant concern for Mare Nostrum NGO since 1999

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