'Improved online public access to environmental monitoring data and data tools for the Black Sea Basin supporting cooperation in the reduction of marine litter' — MARLITER

European Neighbourhood Policy
Black Sea Basin Programme


How to use this module?

The e-learning module consists of a series of topics about the marine environment for young people. Each topic is developed in a brief presentation or a short video. In addition, there are quizzes, tasks and suggestions for outdoor or in-class activities.
The materials in the module can be used on their own or as part of short online or in-class courses. They will be further enriched with new tasks and transations as e-learning courses are developed as part of the project.

Citizen science

Application fields for citizen science

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Quiz EN, GE, RO (PDF, 91 KB)
Tasks EN, BG, GE, RO (PDF, 97 KB)
Activities EN, GE, RO (PDF, 153 KB)

Marine environment

Regional policy

Timeline of EU environmental policies

Presentation EN, GE, RO (PPTX, 3.1 MB)
Quiz EN, GE, RO (PDF, 105 KB)
Activities EN, GE, RO (PDF, 350 KB)

Environmental monitoring

Monitoring methods for marine observation

Presentation EN, RO (PPTX, 1.45 MB)

Beach litter monitoring

Quiz EN, BG, RO (PDF, 110 KB)
Activities EN, BG, RO (PDF, 157 KB)

Litter in the sea

Natural distribution of litter in the sea

Presentation EN, RO (PPTX, 953 KB)


From zooplankton to predators

Presentation EN, RO (PPTX, 838 KB)

Pollution impacts

Marine litter reduction

Quiz EN, RO (PDF, 94 KB)
Activities EN, RO (PDF, 97 KB)

What can we do?

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Activities EN, RO (PDF, 120 KB)


European Atlas of the Seas
Europe's seas and coasts, European Environment Agency
Black Sea Checkpoint, European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet)
Protected Planet